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Family Focus Center
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Substance Use Assessment
A substance use assessment is often called a Rule 25, drug or alcohol evaluation or chemical dependency assessment. The assessment is a confidential, face-to-face interview that gathers past and current history of substance use to determine if an individual meets the criteria for a Substance Use Disorder.

According to the DSM-5, a diagnosis of substance use disorder is based on evidence of impaired control, social impairment, risky use and pharmacological criteria. The number of diagnostic criteria met by an individual determines severity level of: mild, moderate and severe.
Substance use disorders occur when the recurrent use of alcohol and/or drugs causes clinically and functionally significant impairment combined with the failure to fulfill major responsibilities at work, school or home. Family Focus Center can assess your substance use needs and assist you in accessing treatment services; if necessary.

Parenting Time Exchanges
Family Focus Center can assist parents in providing a safe and secure location to exchange children between parents for parenting time visitation. This service may be necessary in domestic violence cases or families that choose to be proactive in an effort to avoid additional problems in contentious cases.

Parent & Co-Parenting Education

Parenting Education is identified and supported by research as a core prevention service in promoting overall family well-being, improving resiliency and reducing risk of child abuse. Family Focus Center focuses attention to teach communication skills, engage parents to practice active parenting, promote positive family interactions amongst all family members and provide opportunities to practice new skills. Parents may live together or be separated (co-parenting) and wanting to be healthier parents for their children. At Family Focus Center we focus on the betterment of the family system as a whole.

DWI/DUI Education
Education for DWI/DUI convictions are offered in different hour increments of: 8 hrs, 16 hrs, 24 hrs and 36 hrs. Each education class utilizes Driving with Care cognitive-behavioral curriculum that is designed to help offenders increase their knowledge about alcohol and drugs as these substances relate to driving skills, to identify their own individual drinking/drug use and driving patterns, and to assist them in developing plans which will reduce the probability of future DWI/DUI behavior. Specific course topics include: alcohol/drug and traffic safety problems, MN laws relating to DWI/DUI, effects of alcohol/drugs on humans, alcohol/drugs and driving task abilities, symptoms of dependency and decision-making skills.

Domestic Violence Program
Family Focus Center offers domestic violence counseling to offenders in compliance with MN Statute 518B.02. The program is for court ordered male domestic abuse offenders or any male involved in some sort of relationship violence seeking assistance to change their behavior. The program is designed for offenders/participants to complete in approximately 6 months. The nationally recognized, STOP Domestic Violence/Substance Abuse Program, 3rd Edition is the program’s core curriculum

Domestic violence happens in all types of families and regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, race or economic background. Domestic violence and abuse stem from a desire to gain and maintain power and/or control over an intimate partner.

Abuse is a learned behavior. However, abuse is also a choice and it’s not one that anyone has to make. Regardless of the circumstances of the relationship or the pasts of either partner, no one ever deserves to be abused.
Family Focus Center offers services to all persons in the family affected by abuse including the abuser, intimate partner and children.

Anger Management
Anger is an adaptive emotional response to experiences of hurt, injustice, fear and frustration. If anger is not managed properly it can cause devastation within an individual’s life. Out-of-control anger leads to a pattern of negative behavior that can hurt relationships, careers, mental and physical health. 

Anger management is provided in 12 individual sessions. The curriculum does not try to stop individuals from feeling anger but to educate individuals on how to express anger in a healthy, constructive way. Managing anger well is a learned behavior that requires practice and resilience. 

CBT Skills (Cognitive-Behavioral)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is usually a short-term form of therapy with a focus on helping an individual become more aware of patterns of thinking (thoughts), feeling (emotions) and behaving (behaviors).
CBT has been extensively researched in a wide range of psychiatric disorders and found to be an effective treatment for depression, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social phobia, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder along with other disorders.

The CBT group consists of 12 weeks of 90-minute sessions with 30-60 minutes of homework each week between sessions. Individual sessions may be provided for individuals with severe stress within a group setting.

Individual/Couples & Family Counseling/Therapy
Choosing to participate in therapy can be a life-changing decision. Working in therapy can help an individual deal with thoughts, behaviors, symptoms, stresses, goals, past experiences and other issues presenting problems in their life.

Engaging in therapy either in individual, couples or family sessions helps individuals come to grips with problems in their lives and offers an emotional release with a sense of really being heard, understood and supported.
Family Focus Center utilizes various therapeutic techniques to address life stressors and emotional/mental problems and disorders. Family Focus Center specializes in trauma related disorders and life events utilizing EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) therapy.